Dr. Dinesh Chandra Devkota


Dr. Dinesh Chandra Devkota
Chair person
BoT, Gandaki University, Kaski, Pokhara, Nepal

I was born in Gorkha, Nepal where I had earned my high school level education from Shree
Amar Jyoti Janata High School, Luitel. I did my intermediate and Bachelor level of studies in
Engineering from TU/Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk; M.Sc. Civil and Environmental
Engineering from USA, and Ph D Engineering Science from Japan and then constantly working
to promote science and technology related to engineering development, resource management,
vocational training and higher-level planning and programming to help develop this country
through my sincere efforts and opportunities as availed in due course of time.
My credentials in brief reflect as visiting Professor, CDES/TU, Nepal where my areas of interest
were to promote Sustainable Development, Technical Education, Vocational Training and Policy
Development, Climate Change, and others. Academician, Nepal Academy of Science and
Technology; Chair – Nepal Intellectual Organization (NIO), and former Vice-Chair of National
Planning Commission, Government of Nepal.
My role and contribution to the nation as Vice Chairman (VC), and Member (Jan 2009-Sept
2011) of the National Planning Commission (NPC), Government of Nepal (GoN) reflects
exemplary evidences in development planning. I had well provided leadership on policy
planning, programme development and monitoring of development task of country, and had
contributed in high level policy formulation, mainly in the fields of technical education, livelihood
promotion, entrepreneurship development, climate change policy (adaptation and mitigation),
green economy planning, low carbon growth path, and public-private partnerships and many
Before joining to the NPC, I was involved for more than 25 years in several development field,
mainly in infrastructure sector and technical and vocational education of Nepal. I equally had
contributed to the development and planning /policy formulation through my active participation
in several national and international Seminar/Conferences as Key Note Speaker and presenters
whereas I have published hundreds of scientific and empirical findings-based papers in several
Journals, Proceedings, and Book of Abstract.
As a Chairperson of BoT of Gandaki University, it is my faith and belief that my entire efforts in
past years while I was trained and experienced in the education and engineering/planning and
policy formulation would be humbly translated through effective, scientific, and need-based
contribution to facilitate Gandaki University to develop and establish as a pioneering and centre
of excellence in the region. I believe in teamwork and hard labor. I am dedicated entirely to the
best of my ability to lead Gandaki University to develop it as a platform to work, develop
science, and to contribute scientific facets to the region, nation and the entire globe.

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